Shredder and Slicer Attachment for Mixers with #12 Hubs

Shredder and Slicer Attachment for Mixers with #12 Hubs

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Do more with your mixer by using this  Ideal slicer and shredder attachment! It connects easily to mixers and other equipment with a #12 hub, allowing you to slice and shred vegetables for use as ingredients and garnishes, plus grate cheeses for pizza or salad bars (grating plate sold separately).


It's a great way to speed up some of your food prep processes without needing to buy a separate food processor. This attachment comes with a 3/16" shredder disc and the disc holder frame used to hold it in place.


However, you can also purchase additional shredder and grater disc sizes to increase your versatility and tackle a wider range of items! It also comes with a slicer "S" knife with an adjustable thickness up to 1/2".

This attachment is designed to make operation as easy as possible, with a front cover that swings open to allow easy access to the interior, and a locking latch that secures the housing while in use. Simply attach it to your mixer, place a container or bowl underneath to catch the product, and you can get right to work!


The entire assembly comes apart easily for cleaning.



Shredding - 5/16" - 3/32" - 1/2"-1/4" - 3/16"

Plates $56.00 each


Stock NumberPO-76-0421-190M12HSHSL