Slush Syrup (20 Flavours, and Neutral Base) 4 x 1 Gallon Bottle's/Case

Slush Syrup (20 Flavours, and Neutral Base) 4 x 1 Gallon Bottle's/Case

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SLUSH - GRANITA  SYRUP  4 x 1 Gallon Jugs/Case


Blue Raspberry




Cotton Candy

Fruit Punch




Mountain Freeze





Pina Colada


Root Beer





  • Sweet flavor and aroma is perfect for refreshing slushy and granita drinks
  • For use with frozen slushy / granita machines
  • Simply mix 1 part syrup to 5 parts waterLarge handle and resealable cap
  • (128) 1 oz. servings per container allow you to serve all your guests
  • Beat the heat with a cool slushy or granita made from this 1 gallon fruit slushy syrup!

Guests will start craving your colorful slushies as soon as they see them at your carnival cart or concession stand. Keep up with the demand for these refreshing treats with this 1 gallon slushy syrup! With a large number of servings per container, your venue will be in good supply. Simply pair it with a compatible pump for fast, efficient service.

Just a small amount of this syrup will help you make a large number of profitable drinks! You can even begin offering light and sweet granitas to put a new spin on your coffee shop or cafe's drink menu.128 Servings

 (128) 1 oz. servings per 1 gallon container, this syrup will last a long time and allow you to serve all your guests.

Easy to Use:

To use, simply combine 1 part slush syrup to 5 parts water, and add the entire mixture directly into a slushy or granita machine.

Perfect for fairs, stadiums, or other special events, this Carnival King slushy syrup helps you quickly and easily prepare your customers favourite cold summertime treats at an affordable price!

96 (1.33 oz.) servings per container

Kosher (non-Passover) Certified

For use with frozen slush machines

Make Tasty Frozen Treats with Granita and Slushy Syrup Flavors

Use granita syrup to make a variety of different granitas and slushies that are sure to keep customers at your concession stand or ice cream shop cool and happy!

Perfect for any convenience store, poolside snack kiosk, or outdoor event, slushy syrup is available in a wide range of flavors, allowing you to please guests with any preference! Choose from classic cherry and orange flavors, or be bold with our tropical syrups like pina colada, coconut, and mango.

If you have your own unique flavor in mind, our neutral slushy syrup provides you with a great base to create your own flavor! Each product is made of sugar syrups and imitation flavoring to create refreshing, familiar-tasting iced treats.

Our granita syrup comes in bulk sizes to accommodate your largest orders or highest volumes of crowds, and each bottle features a screw top cap so you can keep the product sanitary and fresh.

Entice your guests to sweet, refreshing frozen drinks with Fox's blue raspberry slush syrup! Far from your average beverage, this slush syrup makes slushy and granita drinks that will thrill your customers with icy texture and extraordinary blue raspberry flavor. A corporation specializing in irresistible ice cream toppings, saccharine syrups, and fizzy soda mixes for over 100 years, H. Fox & Company takes great pride in their products.

Slushies are excellent treats to keep your patrons cool in the heat! Your business will be in good supply of popular summertime slushies with about 96 servings of slush syrup per container.

Or, use this slush syrup for snow cones, margaritas, and cool blended beverages! Featuring fresh, sweet blue raspberry flavor, this syrup can be used to enhance an array of frozen treats. Its vivid color adds visual appeal while its light, berry taste enhances any bar, concession stand, or ice cream shop's menu with fantastic frozen drinks. This slush syrup is generally mixed 1 part syrup to 5 parts plain water and then added to a slushy or granita machine. You'll be able to serve your customers tasty frozen treats quickly and efficiently. Sold (4) 1 gallon containers per case. See Nutrition Sheet for more information.

What is the difference between an Italian ice, a slushy, and a snow cone?

An Italian ice, also known as a water ice, is very smooth and its flavoring is mixed into the ice before or during freezing. A slushy, also known as an Icee or granita, typically comes in icy liquid form, and the flavor is added before the freezing process. For a crunchier product, snow cones use larger, shaved ice, that is generally flavored at the point of sale.


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