Meat Slicer Cutter Machine

Meat Slicer Cutter Machine

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This kind of Commercial Stainless Meat Slicer is suitable for the small catering industry and meat processing business, kindergarten and small refectory. This product can be efficient to cut beef, pork, lamb and other meat into pieces, The surface of this sliced meat is smooth and the thickness is equal, and then it can be very good to maintain the quality of fresh meat.


The machine is designed to be simple and clean, free to rotate. And the knife unit can be removed and cleaned. Meanwhile, this product is widely used in the kitchen, restaurant, supermarket, meat market, food processing enterprises


  • The transmission part adopts worm gear.
  • It can work for the thickness meat of 3mm.
  • This machine is 110V and it can output 250kg/h.
  • Air vents help dissipate heat and prolong the useful life of the electric cutting machine.
  • The convenient stainless steel side handles to facilitate the easy lifting and carrying of the machine.
  • The blade is designed by an external hanging style which is convenient for washing and can guarantee your sanitation.
  • The machine has safe protection button ,when the machine is exposed , the machine is automatically locked that can’t be started.
  • The blades adopt special stainless material which hardness can reach to the hardness of 52 degree . It can be used for a long period of time.



    Method of Using:

  • Connect the voltage according to the brand with the power which has protection from electronic leakage. Make sure the ground wire be good.
  • Turn on the switch, press the start button, observe if the direction of the blade is correct.
  • Put the ordinary meat which has removed the bones down slowly. Flake when the first time cutting ,threadiness when the second time cutting and granule when the third time cutting. It has the function of slicing, shredding, dicing and softening the meat by changing different kinds of blade.


    How to Clean and Maintain

  • Pull the water to the entrance of the cover to flush the blade, or remove the blades set, put them down in the water to clean.
  • Remove the blades, put it directly to the fridge bottle whose temperature is under 0. wheel gear and oil tank should be applied of oil on time. The blunt blades should be fixed by a grinding wheel.


    Stock NumberRX-0321-550
    Blade thickness3mm
    Numbers of blade40pcs
    Rotated speed189R/min
    Working capacity250kg / h
    Blade diameter9cm/ 3.54"
    Meat cutting thickness3mm
    Body materialstainless Steel
    Material of bladeManganese Steel
    Feed inlet port size9 x9cm / 3.54x3.54"
    The changing of bladeCut down the power first then open the cover, remove the screw and press the spring, pull the handle out at last.