11 Qt. Round Stainless Steel Countertop Food / Soup Kettle Warmer - 120V, 400W

11 Qt. Round Stainless Steel Countertop Food / Soup Kettle Warmer - 120V, 400W

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This Avantco soup kettle warmer is an excellent addition to any restaurant, catering service, or buffet line that needs to hold soup, gravies, stews, or nacho cheese at food-safe serving temperatures. Its simple manual thermostatic control knob allows you to hold product at temperatures from 100-212 degrees Fahrenheit, while its stainless steel construction is sleek, durable, and a breeze to clean.

Versatile Lid:

The lid's cool-touch handle and hinged design provide safe handling while eliminating the potential risk and mess associated with holding a lid or setting it elsewhere while serving. It also features a notch so you don't need a separate space to keep the ladle when not in use. Just leave it in the warmer and the lid closes around it, trapping the heat inside!

Removable Components:

The removable hinged lid, ring, and 11 qt. stainless steel inset are dishwasher safe to make cleaning as easy as possible.

Simple Control:

The manual thermostatic control knob makes temperature adjustments easy and reliable with 12 heat control settings. The higher the number, the higher the temperature.

Clear Labeling:

Two sets of magnetic labels for some of the most popular soups and stews means no more lost or broken tabletop signs.


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