Commercial Pre-rinse Faucet Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet 8" w/ Sprayer

Commercial Pre-rinse Faucet Wall Mount Kitchen Sink Faucet 8" w/ Sprayer

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 Commercial Sink Faucet with Sprayer

Lead-free Brass & Good Sealing & 1.42 GPM Flow Rate

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Durable Material

The lead-free brass center and the copper valve core can withstand high temperatures and reduce the scale. Stainless steel hose has 10000 + bending life and can be used in a restaurant kitchen for many years without failure.

High-pressure Sprayer

The spray valve on this pre-rinse sprayer is capable of producing a 1.42 GPM flow rate. This helps you conserve water and makes it well-suited for most dishwasher setups. An ergonomic handle can avoid scalding, while the hold-down ring lets you lock it in a continuous spray position.

12" Add On Faucet

The 12-inch-long oscillating additional nozzle is ideal for use with large compartment sinks. It is ideal for reaching and filling the sink to complete your tableware cleaning task. At the same time, it can also connect to water pipes for outdoor washing.

Adjustable Center Distance

The 8-inch adjustable (7.75 "- 8.25") center eccentric flange design allows slight measurement errors, allowing it to match the tailgate of most commercial sinks. Applicable to all American houses with an 8-inch center hole.

Gasket Sealing Design

There is a gasket on the joint connection pieces, which can enhance the tightness of the connection between the valve and the water inlet pipe or the valve and nozzle. Each gasket can perfectly match its corresponding joint to achieve the best sealing and avoid water leakage.

Extensive Application

Our faucets improve the efficiency of kitchens and dishwashing rooms and are ideal for most rinse settings in restaurant dishwashing rooms or dishwashing areas. It can also be installed in farmhouses, backyards, garages, outdoors, breweries, and other places.



Stock NumberPO-282-1222- 3803A-12
What you need is includedThis is an ideal commercial sink faucet with a sprayer for industrial, household, and restaurant use. 43.3-inch high wall-mounted faucet with 12-inch rotating nozzle, 8-inch center, 43.3-inch hose and high-pressure spray valve provides you with the best flushing experience.
8" adjustable centerThe wall hanging center distance can be adjusted between 7.75-8.25 inches, and you can easily install it directly on the water pipeline of the facility. The material of the center is made of lead-free brass, which is more secure and durable than other market competitors. The valve core is made of copper, withstanding high and low temperatures and reducing the scale.
High-performing commercial sink sprayerThe pre-flushing sprayer can easily extend to any corner. It can effectively wash the debris on dishes with its 1.42GPM high pressure before they are loaded into the dishwasher. The convenience of the compression ring allows you to wash with one hand during peak hours, leaving the other hand free.
Reach every cornerThe 360-degree 12" swing faucet can be rotated from one side to the other to reach different compartments for cleaning and adding water. The foam is soft and splash-proof. You can also connect the garden hose to the faucet to wash pets and cars or the floor.
Multiple applicationsThis commercial faucet wall mount is designed for most restaurant sinks, industrial sinks, and three-compartment sinks. Ideal for households, industries, hotels, restaurants, restaurants, bars, and shopping centers. Create a cleaner space with minimal effort and make your surfaces sparkle with your new faucet and sprayer.
Material of hoseStainless Steel
Material of springStainless Steel
Material of centerLead-free Brass
Material of valveCopper
Faucet length12 inch
Hose height43.3 inch
Center size8 in (7.75-8.25 adjustable)
Flow rate1.42 GPM
Item dimension13.8 x 3.0 x 43.3 in / 350 x 77 x 1100 mm
Item weight10.3 lbs / 4.67 kg