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Another glass door merchandiser option in the True® one door cooler lineup, the GDM-26 offers many of the same features as the GDM-23, with a few minor changes. This unit is slightly wider, but lighter than its companion fridge. It also allows for temperatures of 33-38 °F and provides easy access to product displays. Some features of this 1-door cooler include:

  • 30” wide
  • 29 7/8” deep
  • 26 cubic feet or 737 litres available
  • 325lbs Weight
  • Zero ODP (Ozone depletion potential)
  • R134 Hydrocarbon refrigerant (environmentally friendly)
  • A score of 3 for GWP (Global warming potential)
  • 78 5/8” high

    The True® commercial refrigeration brand is a leader in their field, providing businesses with less spoilage, a greater return on investment, and a durable one-door freezer you can rely on.

    Bottom line – Our fully remanufactured True® 1 door commercial freezer units look and operate as if they came fresh from the manufacturer.


    Our fully remanufactured one-door freezer services include a thorough overhaul of the unit by our certified technicians. Our techs replace every freezer component with genuine OEM parts so your Remanufactured True® freezer works exactly as it did when it rolled off the assembly line. All mechanical and electrical components are stripped and replaced whether the original part was working or not! This includes:

  • Brand New OEM Compressor
  • New drier
  • New solenoid valve and coil
  • System retrofit to more eco-friendly refrigerant
  • New acrylic signage
  • New OEM Fan Motors
  • New OEM Temperature Control and Probes
  • New defrost heating elements
  • New LED lighting system
  • New control relays

    Our team sands down the exterior and re-vinyls each unit, so it looks like a brand new one door commercial freezer when you receive it. We ensure all our remanufactured True® one door freezers are sterilized and odourless, eliminating all sanitation concerns.


    All our products come with a full warranty of 2 years parts and service and 7 years on the compressor so that you don’t have to worry about absorbing the cost of expensive repairs.


    Stock NumberPO-1510322-GDM-26