Cinammon sugar - 5 lbs bulk

Cinammon sugar - 5 lbs bulk

C$34.50 (CAD)

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  • 5 lb. supply
  • Sweet taste and fine ground consistency
  • Ready-to-use blend saves preparation time
  • Cuts down the number of individual spices you need
  • Commonly used for cinnamon rolls and french toast but versatile for other baked goods and desserts
  • Add flavor and a hint of sweetness to your popular recipes with Regal cinnamon sugar!


    Treat your patrons to the spicy-sweet blend of cinnamon and sugar in your breakfast items or desserts. Whichever way you use it, this Regal cinnamon sugar gives your dishes a warming, sweet taste that your customers know and love. The 5 lb. supply makes the perfect addition to your diner, buffet, or bakery.


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