Mini donut machine brand new - makes 3 sizes of donut also -FREE SHIPPING

Mini donut machine brand new - makes 3 sizes of donut also -FREE SHIPPING

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Makes several sizes mini and large donuts


This brand new Automatic Donut Machine is used to make crispy and delicious donuts ( cakes ). It has 17.5CM oil tank Inner oil tank), which is wider than the smaller 11CM, you could make bigger donut up to 11CM now.

It has a digital counter. The mini donut machine is designed to produce 5-11CM donut fully automatic.


You just put material into the hopper, set it up and turn it on, the machine will work itself. Automatically molding, auto temperature control, auto frying, auto turning of the donut, auto output.


The whole machine is made of food grade stainless steel, which is an automatic forming equipment. This donut maker features an automatic temperature controller and auto-flip function. The height of outlet can be adjusted according to the level of the oil because the machine uses the screw to adjust. The thickness of the donut can be also adjusted by regulating the amount of the materials. The electrical controller can control the whole process.


We have 3 styles, producing mini donut, middle donut and large donut (to make the thick or thin donuts, you just adjust the inside diameter). Each style of the donut mix has 2 parts controller. One is for the shaping donut, and the other for the frying. The molding hole of the donut mix is made of stainless steel to ensure the finished product specification style uniform, and the production process meets the food hygiene requirements.


These donuts with the shape of round hollow in middle is applied to food-making in catering industries and home. In order to make delicious crisp golden donuts, we can also add peanut, or sesame, or fruit nut on the cookie surface when molding.



Cooking and operation:


Dispensing - The T-101 is a single drop "line astern" machine (side by side for Mini Donuts). As each donut is dispensed from the hopper, it drops into the oil and then moved down the oil carriageway via the gear driven paddle wheel at the head of the carriageway. In this way, the next donut is dropped into the oil as before.

Conveyor- The T-101 adopts "Flip" function. As the donut moves down the carriageway, it will come up against the Flip doors. The internal cam gear operates the slide arm that moves the doors up and the donut is then "Flipped" into the second part of the oil carriageway or into your catch tray/bin at the end of the machine. Drop adjustment can be set to ensure easy flow of donuts over the flip doors.



Cleaning and Maintenance- The T-101 can be easily dissembled for cleaning. All motors are easily removed and have adjusting screws. The oil carriageway easily removes from the oil tank. There is also an external oil drain for the end of day oil filtration.

Safety Features- The T-101 is fitted with an over-temperature sensor should your oil level drop below the required minimum. All safety features do not substitute for correct operation and maintenance.






1. The element must stay immersed in oil.

2. The product should be placed on a level surface. Keep machine away from combustible material

3. This using voltage must match the nameplate of the supply voltage.

4. Add fuel to the axis must be flooded to flip the board when draining the oil you should wait for the oil to cool, do not move or will oil is hot.

5. The user should install the power switch, fuses and leakage protection near the equipment. In order to operate easily, don't put other things in front of the switch.

6. This equipment must be securely grounded before use.

7. Before starting the electrical component you should check if the connection is solid, safe ground is reliable.

8. Replace the power cord should use the same model cable and ask professionals to replaced



  • All stainless steel body, fully automatic donut machine is popular for its high efficiency and accuracy to produce donuts
  • Digital thermostat on this donut machine makes operation very convenient and easy to supervise the process
  • Fully Automatic, automatic molding, automatic temperature control, automatically turn the donut. Save your time and energy
  • Using the screw-type adjustable device, discharge port can be up and down arbitrarily according to the height of oil level. The hypertrophy of donut can also be adjusted by material amount


  • Adopt precise orbit devices, import motor, which maintaining equipment vibration in the smallest value
  • Large hopper design, easy to operate and high efficiency
  • Oil temperature and conveyor speed can be adjustable
  • Automatically funnel small donut shape, adjustable donut size
  • Specifications

  • Specifications

    Stock NumberRX-0218-MD
    Making donuts have 2 modelsmaking one donut or two. It is decided by a controller on top of the machine. The temperature of oil in the slot will be controlled by (depends on the size of donut).
    Come with 3 sets molds sizes4-5cm,5-7cm,7-10cm
    Power supplyAC 110V 60Hz
    Material#304 stainless steel
    Hopper capacity6L
    Donut size3-5CM,5-70CM & 7-10CM by changing mold
    ProductivitySmall donut 450pcs/hr, large donut 300pcs/hr
    Temperature setting50-300
    Oil tank sizeL82*W17.5CM
    Machine size103*40*65CM
    Net weight28KG
    PackingWooden box
    Packing size110*60*45CM
    Gross weight38KG