96 (1.33 oz.) servings per container Kosher (non-Passover) Certified For use wit

96 (1.33 oz.) servings per container Kosher (non-Passover) Certified For use wit

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  • Perfect for snow cones and snowballs
  • 96 (1.33 fl oz. or 39 mL) servings per bottle
  • Kosher (non-Passover) certified
  • What is the difference between an Italian ice, a slushy, and a snow cone?

    An Italian ice, also known as a water ice, is very smooth and its flavoring is mixed into the ice before or during freezing. A slushy, also known as an Icee or granita, typically comes in icy liquid form, and the flavor is added before the freezing process.

    For a crunchier product, snow cones use larger, shaved ice, that is generally flavored at the point of sale.

    Should this item be refrigerated after opening?

    According to the vendor, this product should be refrigerated after opening, and for best results, used within one year.

    Capture the taste of summer with the sweet, refreshing flavor of Fox's black raspberry snow cone syrup!


    The light fruity flavor of the syrup combines with the icy texture of the snow cone to create an irresistible frozen summer treat that your customers will love. A corporation specializing in irresistible ice cream toppings, saccharine syrups, and fizzy soda mixes for over 100 years, H. Fox & Company takes great pride in their products.

    Snow cones are the perfect treat to help all of your patrons beat the heat. Featuring a delightfully fresh flavor and a visually appealing, deep red color, this snow cone syrup can be used to enhance the menu at any concession stand, fair, or ice cream shop.


    With 96 servings of snow cone syrup per container, your business will be in good supply. Each gallon of snow cone syrup is made with the finest ingredients to create the most authentic mouth-watering flavors.

    This snow cone syrup is traditionally mixed in a ratio of 2 parts water to 1 part syrup with plain or carbonated water.

    Sold (4) 1 gallon bottles per case.


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