High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Countertop Oven

High-Speed Accelerated Cooking Countertop Oven

C$8,840 (CAD)

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  • Features impingement and microwave cooking technology
  • 150-525 degree Fahrenheit temperature range
  • 3.2kW dual impingement heating elements; 2kW dual magnetron microwave operation
  • Microwave adjustable in 10% increments from 0-100%; adjustable impingement air speeds
  • 16 temporary menu groups with 24 recipes each; programmable controls and USB port
  • Self-diagnostic systems for easier maintenance; stainless steel construction for durability
  • Six cooking stages
  • 208/240V

    Overall Dimensions:

  • Width: 22 3/4"
  • Depth: 33"
  • Height: 20 1/8"
  • Interior Dimensions:

  • Width: 15"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Height: 8"
  • Capacity: .97 cu. ft.
  • Explore endless cooking possibilities by adding the Solwave Fusion high-speed / accelerated cooking countertop oven to your equipment lineup.


    Easy to use and incredibly versatile, the high-tech  Fusion countertop oven is the perfect choice for sandwich shops, casual dining and quick serve restaurants, takeout establishments, or even a la carte restaurants.


    Using both impingement and microwave cooking technology to cook foods as fast as a traditional microwave, this unit allows you to heat pre-packaged foods to a much higher quality, so your customers can appreciate the better texture and taste of the product.


    This programmable, touchscreen oven offers the latest cooking technology in a compact sized unit, allowing the operator to hike up their profits without sacrificing precious work space.


    Impingement & Microwave Technology

    This oven uses 3.2kW dual impingement elements to heat the oven cavity. It also uses 2kW dual magnetrons for microwave cooking. It even permits you to use any combination of microwave and impingement when cooking since the microwave technology is adjustable in 10% increments from 0-100%. And, you can adjust the impingement air speeds up and down for when you are cooking more tough or mild products.


    Six Cooking Phases

    Designed to accommodate a wide variety of foods including proteins, vegetables, and baked goods, the Solwave Fusion features six cooking phases that can be programmed with cooking times in your recipes. The cooking phases and other programmable features let you choose the best options for each recipe.


    Programmable Design

    The oven comes pre-programmed with 16 temporary menu groups that can contain up to 24 recipes each, and is able to handle up to 384 total recipes. By pre-programming recipes for your most popular menu items, you'll have consistent results with each use, no matter which employee is operating the oven.


    Intuitive 7" Touchscreen Display

    Simple touch screen menu controls let you quickly navigate through the oven's settings to program in your signature entrees, appetizers, or sides. Rather than fiddling with dials and knobs, your employees can simply load the oven with food, tap one icon, and watch as the oven does the rest.


    Ventless Operation

    Thanks to a convenient ventless design, this oven can be used in small areas where venting isn't possible. Since the ventless system uses a catalytic converter to reduce grease and carbon in the oven cavity's air, there are also no filters to remove or clean. This feature is effective for any foods not classified as fatty raw proteins.


    USB Port

    All of the programming can be updated through the touchscreen, or via the integrated USB port. This feature also allows you to download recipes directly from the Fusion website and load them into your oven.



    if you need multiple ovens to keep up with orders but space is at a premium, this unit can be stacked with another Fusion to double your cooking capacity within the same compact footprint.


    Self-Diagnostics System

    The self-diagnostic components along with automatic voltage detection and adjustment mean that installing and maintaining your new oven is worry-free. Plus, removable impingement jet plates allow you to access the entire cavity while the coated microwave windows and stainless steel construction simplifies cleanup at the end of the day.



    Stock NumberPO-76-180FUSION