Candy Apple Coating - (15) 15 oz. Bags / Case

Candy Apple Coating - (15) 15 oz. Bags / Case

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  • Mix  with sugar and water
  • Can coat 40-50 apples per packet
  • Makes profitable concession stand treats
  • Use this  candy apple coating to create attention-grabbing, brilliantly glazed candy apples with vibrant red color for any concession display! Great for Halloween-themed parties and events or summer nights at the fair, candy apples are sure to be high in demand. Stock up on this mix and make 40-50 candy apples with one package! A major distributor of fun concession foods,  produces only the tastiest popcorn, sweetest candy apples, and superlative snow cone syrups. An easy to use candy apple coating like this one from and is the number one choice for amusement parks, concession stands, carnivals, and stadiums.

  • It produces a smooth, even layer of sweet coating that sticks to the apples and is easy for your patrons to eat. Fantastic for boosting impulse sales, glossy and glistening candy apples made with this Great Western coating are not just delicious, they're Applicious! To use, simply add Applicious to five pounds of sugar and one pint of water. Dissolve sugar and Applicious before the mixture begins to boil. Heat to 300 degrees Fahrenheit, turn off heat, and begin dipping apples into the mixture.
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